23 November 2008

Saturday Field Trip

I found this fabric yesterday at Forest Hill Antiques -- an old school house with connecting rooms filled with antiques, vintage goods, electrical parts, tools, and, of course, some junk.

The fabrics I bought were stuffed in bags and boxes under other boxes piled with mirrors and other big heavy things in a back room. In short, lots of moving and shuffling and poking required.

The place isn't heated, so I try to come prepared with a warm coat and gloves. Yesterday, the owner wasn't feeling well, so I only had a short time to look.

I love love this fabric. It looks a bit 19th century, which usually doesn't appeal to me. It was used as the backing fabric on a patchwork quilt with tatters and tears. I took a chance and bought it for $5.00, thinking I could salvage the backing and reuse for something.

After three hours of ripping out the hand quilting stitches, I gave up. Sadly, the entire quilt was just too far gone to really use any of it. My $5.00 risk didn't pan out. But, perhaps I can use the fabric design as inspiration for some future project ....

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